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Kate Bush - The Dreaming (1982)

And though pigs can fly

I really thought that I really liked “The Dreaming” but now I find it quite harsh. She still draws a lot of influences from movies, but the music and the overall feeling of the album is of an experimental nature.

Yes, the album is experimental. Kate took the reins of the production and tried many different unusual instruments and techniques. She also experimented with vocoders for the singing, which I am not exactly sure I think is the best thing. It surely makes the album interesting at least.

“Sat in your lap” is busy and “There goes a tenner” is silly in a not so funny way. For the third song, the anti-war hymn, “Pull out the pin”, Kate collaborated with David Gilmour who is singing backing vocals. Kate’s singing is interesting, her voice is breaking again and again in the chorus… I love life.

“Suspended in gaffa” is totally crazy, but strangely entertaining. It’s vaudeville music in its full glory. “Leave it open” is truly experimental with the sounds and effects applied on her voice. The ending is powerful. Must have been interesting in the studio, it feels like her creative mind ran amok. Anyway, “Leave it open” is one of it’s songs that makes this album singular, a piece of art that can’t be dismissed. 

From the first side I like “Pull out the pin” and “Suspended in gaffa” the most. But clearly the second side of the album is the stronger one…

The song “The dreaming” is more interesting than good, hihihihi hahahaha… To be honest, I scratch my head.

But not to worry, friends, next up is “Night of the swallow” and this song really picks the album up. I love her mixing it up with the Irish folk music style. The song is a very clear pre-vision of her next album “Hounds of love”. It’s my favourite song on album clearly.

“All the love” is a beautiful ballad, filled with feelings of something… lost? Any lyrics starting with The first time I died is something. This song is like a prequel to "Snowed in at Wheeler Street". Curiously, there is an angelic voice joining Kate in the background, and theatrically, we are treated to a Floyd-esque telephone call and a eerie little keyboard tune at the very end. Intriguing indeed.

“Houdini” is summing up the album and its theatrical tonality, flowing moods and strange voices in different corners of my mind. 

The last song “Get out of my house” could be influenced by a movie like “Alien”. I am engaged, following the girl who is fighting all through the song. The lyrics is strange, at one point as it would be influenced by “The shining”, the next the perspective of a paranoid recluse. Kate sounds very angry. I would not want to be the ghost she shouts at! Get out of my house!

In conclusion this album is experimental and challenging. I love the ambition and balls of Kate. I think the album should be seen as one piece. The album is the unit, not the individual tracks. I also think that the album will benefit from frequent playing, some of the best albums I know were hard in the beginning. I am undecided, swaying between a feeling that it is better than, and that it’s the other. I am stuck in the middle, feeling lost, but then again maybe in the future: this is my favourite album of hers! The ambition level must always be rewarded…

The cover of the album is also spectacular, maybe the best thing with the whole damned thing!

My rating: 7/10

Side A:
1. Sat in your lap
2. There goes a tenner
3. Pull out the pin
4. Suspended in gaffa
5. Leave it open

Side B:
1. The dreaming
2. Night of the swallow
3. All the love
4. Houdini
5. Get out of my house

Best songs: “Night of the swallow”, “Get out of my house”, “Pull out the pin" and "All the love"

Produced by: Kate Bush

Released: September 13, 1982

Media: Remastered 180 gram vinyl, reissued in 2018 (part of Remastered In Vinyl I)

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